• Domainame and DNS   ( 10 Articles )

    Here you can find questions and answers about domains and DNS


  • Change domainowner   ( 7 Articles )

    A domaintransfer means you change the administration and invoicing from one supplier to another (in this case us). A transfer of a domain will in the most cases cause the domainname to be renewed for 1 year and the renewal fee will be invoiced to you (prices according to our information on the page)

  • Transfer domain (registrartransfer)   ( 7 Articles )

    A domain transfer means that you move over management and billing from one supplier to another (in this case to us). A transfer of a domain leads in most cases the domain is renewed for a further year and a renewal fee will be charged to you. (prices according to information on the website)

  • Redelegate domain   ( 1 Article )

    A redelegation means that changing the name server addresses that are added for the domain in question, against the new (in this case our). This leads then to the domain name can begin handled by our web / mail servers and your account with us will be linked to the domainname.DNS servers storing the values of a domain after they sought out at them as the DNS server you use may have them the old values for a domain stored in minnet.It may take up to 24-48 hours before the changes are passed through to all DNS servers.