New Exchange-account in Outlook 2010

Note: This guide is only for those who have bought the service Hosted Exchange.
This guide will go through how you setup your Hosted Exchange-account against our servers. The guide describes both automatic and manual setup.

Step 1:

Go to File -> Account settings -> Account settings. Then Select New.

Generally speaking it's enough to enter your name, email address and the password for this, and then click Next, it will automatically configure the account. However, if it does not complete this for any reason you can manually complete the installation as below. Then check "Manual configuration" and click "Next"

Tick "Microsoft Exchange" and click Next.

Enter server (alternatively if you for some reason can't use and your email address, then click "More settings" down to the right.
Once there you go to Connection and tick "Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP" and click "Exchange Proxy Settings"


Enter on server, tick "Connect using SSL only" and the box below it, then enter: msstd:* in the box. Then change from NTML to Basic Authentication and then click ok. Now you just need to click Next and Finish.