New emailaccount in Mac OS X Mail v 4.6

To create a new account in Mac Mail you follow the instructions below:

Click on the plus-sign at the bottom left:
Enter your display name, your email address and the password that the email address was created with:


Then enter the information you got with your email account. You can select either POP or IMAP as account type. If you do not know which server to enter you can find that here:

Then you enter the information for your outgoing server:

After this you click on Continue and then Done. Your account is now created but you need to make another setting, so click on the newly created account and go to Outgoing server, then select "Edit SMTP server list"

Go to Advanced, change port to 465, activate SSL and set Authentication = Password, then enter your email address and the password.

Then click ok, you can now close the account information and select to save when it asks for this. Your new account is now ready to be used.