New email account in Outlook 2010

To create a new account in Outlook 2010 you follow the instructions below. Go to File -> Account Settings -> Account settings.


Click on "New":


Enter your name, your email address and the password for that below:


Normally it will find all settings automatically. However, if that fails you can tick the "Configure server settings manually" and continue.


You will reach the following page where you enter your server details, your email address and the password where this is missing. If you do not know which server to use you can find that here:


Then click on "More Settings" and go to "Outgoing server", it should be setup as below:


Then go to Advanced and set it up as below. If you use IMAP instead of POP3 you should use port 993.


Then click Ok, Next and Finish and your account is ready to be used.