Here you will find questions and answers relating to mail in general

1 Vilka e-postinställningar ska jag ange?
2 Skapa SPF-pekare
3 Which settings should you use for the SMTP-server?
4 Do you support push mail?
5 I have a Blackberry and my email is not deleted on the server
6 Why do i receive a lot of bounced mail from addresses i have never sent mail to?
7 I forgot the password to my email account?
8 Do you have spam filter and virus scans on your email servers?
9 Do you support IMAP?
10 What does the SA field in email administration mean?
11 What does the address in email administration mean?
12 What does a mail alias mean?
13 How do i block all mail form a certain email address?
14 What SMTP and POP3 server should i set in my email program for using my mail accounts with you?
15 Why is the sender address when i send mail through the webmail?
16 How do i remove all mail from when a catch-all ( address is used?
17 What is the highest number of recipients a single mail can have ?
18 Is there any difference between lowercase/uppercase in email addresses?
19 Is there support for encryption with SSL/TLS for SMTP and POP3?
20 How do i forward my default address to another email address?