Skapa SPF-pekare

A SPF-pointer is used to reduce the chance that someone will abuse your domain for spamming. See more here: Wikipedia SPF

The easiest way to setup a correct SPF-pointer is to use one of the many sites which create these. In this guide we will use

A simple SPF-rule which will fit most needs is to fill it in as such:
If you enter it like above and press "create" you will get the following:
"v=spf1 a mx ptr -all"

If you only use Space2u servers to send mails, this rule will cover all and you can go on to how to enter it.

The only exception is if you use other servers to send mail with your domain (newsletter service, webshop at external provider or your ISPs mailserver) you will have to enter these in the same field as for, you enter multiple addresses with space as delimiter (eg: "" without "").

Once you have entered all servers and pressed Create you have the SPF-record to enter. To enter this you go to and click on "Login", select "Account administration" and then login with your details. Once you have logged in you go to DNS and then TXT-pointers. Then select (if possible) the domain from the dropdown men and then click "Add new TXT-pointer". Leave the host-field empty and let TTL be as it is. Paste the string you got in "Text:" and then click "Add new TXT-pointer".

If you don't get any error message your SPF-pointer is now ready and assuming your domain points to Space2u DNS-servers it will be active for your domain.